Below is the letter from Loren McDougall from McDougall Auctioneers Ltd., a company that sells a large volume of land in Saskatchewan and other provinces. The letter is self-explanatory and will boost sales of Kelso turbines.
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Kelso Energy Ltd. team


Auctioneers Ltd.

June 5, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I have reviewed the facts, figures and prices of purchasing a Kelso Vertical Access Wind Turbine and placing on your property. I am impressed with the up-front monies and grants available upon qualifications, which even enhances the feasibility of the investment side of the portfolio. CRA even has legitimate incentives to take into consideration when reviewing the process for yourself with your accounting team.
Our firm sells a large volume of land throughout Saskatchewan, and from a revenue point of view would consider having a Kelso Vertical Access Wind Turbine on your property similar to having an oil lease on your property. When I am appraising land, if there is an oil lease on the property which carries forward to the purchaser of the land if it sells, it enhances the value of the land. This is due to a revenue source that will be incoming for the next period of years, with very little maintenance, taxes or unforeseen overhead. This can not necessarily be said for a Rental Property such as an apartment, duplex, condo etc.
It is of my view that by making an investment and putting a Kelso Vertical Access Wind Turbine on your property, that you will be directly enhancing the value of your property. The reason or explanation for this, is due to the fact that you have now created a new revenue source coming off of your property. So you may not just be collecting a per/acre farm land rent, but additional monies for the production of your Wind Turbine on top of that. Of course you cannot nail down a flat solid investment rate, due to the nature of return on investment. It is derived by production, which entails your location and the amount of wind that you receive in a particular year. However, it is fair to consider averages, and by my calculations of taking the "low" and the "extreme", you will be enhancing the value of your land by 2 — 5 times the original investment price of the Vertical Access Wind Turbine over the next 20 — 25 years of liberal rental enjoyment. A prospective purchaser will take into consideration the revenue base that comes off of the property that he is about to purchase. To recap, in my opinion ..... .. Very similar to an oil lease right of way, spelling out a good solid investment, not to mention the other "green" incentives accomplished by the same.

Loren D. McDougall, cppa