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Introducing Mundo-Power

Technical  information

System configuration:​ 3 blades directly mounted to turbine
Turbine:​ Savonius-Darrieus hybrid  (drag-lift)
Turbine blade
construction: powder coated aluminum blades with stainless steel mounting arms to the generator
Stand-alone tower, communication towers, smoke stacks (chimneys), silo’s, rooftops etc. Almost at any location with a consistent source of wind
Vibration: tested to 200 RPM with no noticeable vibration
Braking system:​ auto over speed with manual  
Gearbox, brushes, slip ring​: none
Warranty:​ 5 years
Maintenance: low, one moving component, sealed
Expected lifespan:15-25 years
Cut in speed:​ begins to rotate at 2.0 meters per second and starts to produce power at 3m/s
Base dimension(turbine to tower)-380 millimeters or 15 inches
Operating RPM:​ 70 to 100 RPM
Cut-off speed:​ 145 kilometers or 90 miles per hour
Systems:​ grid connect/ stand alone with battery/ power storage system/ or combination wind, diesel or solar hybrid