Kelso Team

Yves Maynard an alumni of Red River College Industrial Electronics, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team of Kelso Energy as CEO and Board Director. For more than three decades of performance-based progression as a senior-level executive management as CEO/ President in large corporate and international business environment, Yves offer’s a proven ability as a visionary, creator and driver of strategies and business plan that has consistently delivered record setting gains in implementation/production, sales, profits, and market share. Currently, Yves operates a private consulting technology firm, Conexe Systems Inc., which he co-founded in 2002 with his partner.  Conexe Systems collaborates and consults for start–ups to mid and large size corporations, offering financial and technology consulting services.  Returning to Winnipeg after 11 years in Florida / Tennessee as co- founder, Senior VP of Engineering and operations overlooking deployment strategies of Park N View (PNV Inc.) a startup venture that under his involvement underwent a stunning transformation from a start up to trading on NASDAQ. Yves has extensive international and business experience which took him to various countries in Africa, Central and South America, Europe and North America developing relationships and implementing new technology systems using MMDS and IMDS data systems. 

Don Walker has recently joined Kelso Energy Ltd. as a Director and CFO. Don is responsible for all financial and administrative activities as well as supporting the strategic planning process. Don is a Certified Professional Accountant with demonstrated senior operational management experience developed while working with two Fortune 500 Companies. Don relocated back to Winnipeg in 2003 after 10 years in Montreal working as Seagram’s Canadian Budget Manager and then as Nortel Networks’ Senior Finance Manager of one of their System Houses.  He was a member of their Regional Leadership Team responsible for recruitment, development and retention of 85 finance professionals and also mentored one of Nortel’s “Top Talent” candidates. For the past 6 years, Don was a founding partner of a telecom startup utilizing the latest leading-edge technologies to provide digital TV and High Speed internet to over 30 rural communities throughout Manitoba. In addition, the company also successfully outbid Manitoba Telephone Systems and Shaw Broadcast to provide digital TV and High Speed internet for a 9 year period to Manitoba Hydro’s Keeyask Power Plant in northern Manitoba.

Don’s extensive financial and operational experience provides Kelso with the required skillset to lead and execute the company’s expansion strategy.

Barry Ireland is the President and Founding Director of Kelso Energy Ltd. and takes on the role of CTO,  responsible for evaluating and developing products to complement the emerging technologies that affect the alternative energy sector. Barry is a graduate of Ridgetown College (now called Ridgetown Campus University of Guelph Ontario).

Over the past 40 years, he has owned and managed businesses, has vast experience with a high number of employees, e.g. farm equipment dealership (Canada’s largest Whited tractor and combine dealer for 5 years), farm feed lot, trucking business and currently manages manufacturing and marketing for Kelso Energy Ltd. He has always been an inventor and entrepreneur. His latest invention was to design and build a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) will reduce greenhouse gases, provide energy to remote areas (dependent upon diesel generators for electrical power) and reduce the load on aging utility grids in many areas.