Barry Ireland, President, and founder of Kelso Energy Ltd. 
Barry is a graduate of Ridgetown College (now called Ridgetown Campus University of Guelph Ontario).  He has always been an inventor and entrepreneur. His latest invention was to design and build a Vertical Axis Wind turbine. The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) will reduce greenhouse gases, provide energy to remote areas (dependent upon diesel generators for electrical power) and reduce the load on aging utility grids in many areas. With Global warming as big issue, these qualities are right on!
Barry has won many awards with his inventions such as “Best New Invention” at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show, “Best New Invention” at the Red Deer, Alberta Industrial Show, and “Most Promising Business Venture” from RICE University in Texas. He also has many achievement awards as an equipment dealer.

Dwight Siman is an advisor to Kelso Energy Ltd.  Dwight is President of Siman Auto Sales and has run his own business since 1998.  Dwight has also been on the Board of Directors of Renewable Energy equipment companies and brings his knowledge and experience to Kelso Energy.  Dwight also won “Most Promising Business Venture” from RICE University in Texas.

As an experienced salesman, he has also had success in international markets, selling renewable energy equipment in Italy, India, Peru, and Romania.  Dwight brings knowledge of domestic sales channels and international sales and service.

Herve Bernard Collet is an advisor to Kelso Energy Ltd.  Herve has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and now in renewable energy.  He has been the Operations Manager, Project Manager and General Manager of multi-million dollar projects in North America and on international assignments.  Herve brings his strong management experience to Kelso Energy.

He is fluent in French and competent in Spanish.

Meryle Venaas is an advisor to Kelso Energy Ltd.  Meryle has run his own business as an entrepreneur since 1974 farming, and custom farming than in 1996. Also added custom construction to his workload.  He is one of Kelso Energy`s distributors in the Canadian Yukon Territory, where renewable energy has fantastic potential to replace fossil fuels, lower operating costs, and help to slow loss of sea ice in the Arctic.

William Clements has worked for over thirty years in international finance, and since 2007 as renewable energy project developer and sponsor.
William Clements has an MBA in Finance and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He now teaches Finance, Economics, & Investment at a local University.  He has been involved with renewable energy as a project developer, project sponsor, and project finance consultant since 2007.  He cares deeply about the environment and the legacy we are leaving for young people today.  "I don't want to hand on to them a ruined environment or a battered economy. I want to work with good, profitable projects." his thoughts.  

After a few years of various employment from 1965 to 1968, I started in the Telephone industry and worked for Bell Canada in Sudbury Ontario from 1968 to the end of 1972. I then moved back to Saskatchewan and spent the rest of my telephone career in Yorkton with Sasktel. I retired from Sasktel in 1992, and took a 1-year contract with Sasktel International and moved to Tanzania Africa to be the project manager for a telephone system for the Tanzania Railway Company.

 Larry Schultz 
purchased a restaurant and gas bar in Fort Qu'Appelle right after his retirement in 1993, later turned it into an A&W and ran that until 2003. He had spent all of his years in Fort Qu'Appelle on the Chamber of Commerce, President of the Chamber for 4 years, and as part of many local volunteer committees. He also spent 6 years as Chair of the Terminal 22 Inland Terminal, with Cargill grain as a partner, and he presently was part of Saskatchewan Health board advisory committee. 
Since 2003 he has been very involved in Building condo's in Fort Qu'Appelle and runs a small Truck Dealership to keep himself busy.



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